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Notes from the (London) Underground

Hey everyone –

It’s been a hard month. It’s been a good learning experience, and I’ve had many wonderful times and met a great number of fascinating people. But there’s been many challenges, and I’m only just starting to get the situation under control.

Time remains my greatest enemy. I’ve quickly discovered that I’m simply trying to do too much in too little time. I’ve found that I’m just not getting enough time to appreciate the places I’m in – I arrive, run a game, and I’m off again, without having much of a chance to appreciate my surroundings. Travel expenses have been higher than I’ve hoped, and if I’m going to visit a country, I need to be sure that it’s worth the trip. Add to this the challenge of working while traveling – specifically the fact that I have a novel due in the beginning of August – and you begin to get a sense of how crazy things are right now.

As a result, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to slow down my travels… to stay a little longer in each place, rather than rushing at breakneck speed. It’s not a race; it’s about seeing new places and meeting new people, and I need to stay long enough to actually see that new place.

Unfortunately, I already have a deadline set on my return to the USA. I’m going back in the beginning of August, and I’m only just about to reach the European continent. With only about five weeks to play with and 40 actual invitations on the continent, there’s simply no way that I can visit everyone who’s offered me hospitality – or even every country. I want to get to every country on my list, but I’m simply going to have to make a second trip – and this time, make sure that things are planned out well in advance, as opposed to the seat-of-the-pants driving I’ve done this time. So to everyone who’s offered their hospitality in Europe who I’m missing this time around, thank you again for your kindness and generosity. I don’t know how long it will be, as I will likely do another leg in the USA, and I have stops to make in Asia, South Africa, South America, and Australia… but I will be back, and I hope to meet you then.

In other news, I’m STILL working on getting a proper blog up, and hopefully will get the first post up tonight! In addition, my brilliant artist chum Lee Moyer has produced a brilliant tour shirt for my Northwestern leg and first European tour. These are just waiting for me to find the time (there’s that evil word again) to sort out Café Press. Watch this space!
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